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Welcome to Cuttable.

Every year, we here at Cuttable travel to some city across Canada to attend the Canadian Country Music Awards and Industry Conference. At first, it was a business decision: we're musicians, we need to network, hand out our CDs and cards and connect with as many people as possible. Learn, take in a bunch of music we wish we wrote, and maybe run into our favourite country stars. After a couple of years, it became a great excuse to go get drunk with our friends and remind everyone we're still alive and working. Whatever the motivations for our attendance from year to year, one thing was always clear; Canada has a strong country music scene full of talented, hardworking people who love the genre, and want to make it the best it can be.

But then every year, we would go home. And everybody else would go home. And we'd be all be back on opposite sides of this massive piece of rock, communicating through Instagram likes and Spotify listens. And our thought is always, "If we had all lived in one place like they do down in Nashville, we would have an absolutely world-class scene right here in Canada". This is why Cuttable was born.

Nowadays, artists have to do more than ever to manage their own careers. Songwriters have more competition than ever for an ever-diminishing pot of royalties. Producers are forced to do more with less. Our genre is built on collaboration, but it's more and more difficult every day to extend ourselves to new situations, let alone keep up with our closest friends.

Cuttable was created to bridge these gaps; our goal is to be the go-to spot for country musicians in Canada. We want to build connections, foster relationships, promote our collaborators, challenge each other to be better. We want to build the largest independent database of unreleased material, available to an ever expanding list of the best and brightest artists in Canada. We want to create a space for real world opportunity, for growth. We're glad you believe in us, we're stoked you're here, and we can't wait to get to work.

-Eli & Rich at Cuttable

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