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A Canadian Country Music Community

Cuttable was born between the geographical cracks and crevices that separate the pockets of artists, songwriters, and producers in this country. With dreams of a future where Canada is looked to as a leader in the global country music market, we've set out to build a space where independent musicians can grow, produce, and challenge each other to create world-class music.

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At the centre of the platform is our database of unreleased songs for writers to populate and artists to search; all that are available to be put on hold for upcoming projects. Artists simply contact us through the database, and we'll put you in touch with the songwriters.

Community building is happening through a variety of events hosted by Cuttable. We've got our monthly 'Speed Dating' event, which is a virtual networking hangout where you can get to know your next collaborators. We also have a monthly virtual songwriting camp held on the last Saturday of every month, where you'll be split into groups to write two songs in an afternoon. Then we have our webinar series, featuring some of the biggest players in the Canadian country music scene: producers, songwriters, radio folk, artists, and much more.

We are continuing to cultivate new relationships and new opportunities across the country, starting with our provincial and national country music associations. The in-person companions to all of the above events are being planned for the near future. We can't wait to see you at one, whether virtually or in the flesh!

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